Southern Routes​

Day 1

Trogir – Šolta

The island of Šolta is your first stop on this extraordinary cruise where you will not only enjoy in great food but also enjoy the amazing ambience of the castle and marina Martinis Marchi. The port is located in Maslinica and the restaurant is just next to it, so once you sail into this beautiful bay, you can enjoy in the view of this architectural pearl. Martinis Marchi offers all types of seafood inside its heritage walls. In Maslinica you can enjoy eating on the opposite side of the bay in traditional konobas Gajeta or Šakajet, which offers you a bit more domestic environment, so if you prefer this type of restaurants, this is your place to go. The restaurant is known for superb service and great wine.

Day 2

Šolta – Vis

Continue your search for the best tastes and smells of Dalmatia by sailing to Vis, one of the most beautiful Croatian islands. In Vis, you simply must visit restaurant Pojoda by entering into a whole new world and era, inside a small house court surrounded by high walls and fig trees. Pojoda is especially known for amazing fish, and since Vis is surrounded by one of the richest fish aquatoriums on the Adriatic, everything they bring to your table is freshly caught. For something a bit different and with a touch of modern visit Lola Konoba & Bar. If you want to go a bit inland, simply order a transfer from the owner of restaurant Magić and enjoy in best steaks and the famous “peka” meat.

Day 3

Vis – Komiža

Many people who have visited Vis will tell you that the town of Vis and the town of Komiža are completely different, so when you visit the island of Vis make sure you sail to Komiža, too.
Komiža also has one speciality lobsters. Visiting island of Vis without tasting amazing lobsters and shrimps is like not being on Vis at all. Of course, we have only the best restaurants for you and the most famous one in Croatia when it comes to lobsters is restaurant Jastožera, located in the west part of Komiža in ambience suited for fishermen villages, with a pool full of lobsters in the middle. Next to Jastožera is restaurant Bako, another great restaurant with fish and seafood that will melt your palate. Combine it with the best wines of Vis, and you will know why all sailors praise Vis and always return.

Day 4 & 5

Komiža – Hvar (Palmižana)

The island of Hvar is absolutely unmissable spot on any sailing cruise in South Adriatic, so you can only imagine what Hvar has to offer when it comes to cuisine. Hvar is known as the sunniest island in the Adriatic and the sunniest town in Croatia, so you can only imagine how great is the wine of Hvar. To combine the best wine with the best food, visit restaurants Passarola and Divino. They both offer excellent wine charts and a mixture of Dalmatian and modern cuisine, all prepared by great chefs. If you sail to Palmižana you should eat at restaurants Patak, Toto’s and Laganini bar. All these places are just by their location the places you should definitely visit, but once you taste their original food with the best ingredients in the Mediterranean, you won’t skip Hvar on your cruise ever again.

Day 6

Hvar- Brač

Brač is the largest island in Dalmatia and the third largest island in the Adriatic Sea. This unique island has numerous smaller and larger picturesque villages. Bobovišća is a small place located on the western part of the island of Brač, 2-3 kilometers from Ložišća, on the road to Milna. In the bay under there is a place called Bobovisca on the sea. Situated in a beautiful bay the place is made up of two ports: the calm port Bobovišća, very attractive for many boaters and Vicja port one of the most important sites with the findings of the Illyrian-Greek civilization. Bobovisca na moru has the most beautiful castle on the island, which dates from the 18th century. This fort is owned by the family Gligo, and today serves as a residential building. In the basement of this building there is a large opening for the canon, while the walls are adorned with the fort hatches for rifles.
Milna is an important tourist center. It has a large marina with over 200 berths, which is constantly visited by many yachts. For a night out Milna has numerous bars, restaurants and a beautiful promenade for walking, which is sheltered from the winds. Milna offers many summer events such as numerous theatrical performances, concerts, bands, fijere, exhibitions and rich menus homemade traditional food in restaurants.
Milna is the most beautiful natural harbor, nearby are beautiful sandy beaches (Pasika, Osibovo, Harbour Marina). There is also a beautiful beach in the bay of Vlaška.

Day 7

Brač – Trogir

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Little Venice of Dalmatia or as some call it The Stone Beauty Trogir and its surrounding area featuring island Čiovo. The islet whee Trogir is located lies in a narrow sea passage between the mainland and Čiovo. The islet itself is just 500 m long and 250 m wide. The highest point is the tower of Saint Lawrence Cathedral at just 47m. It is in close vicinity with the airport and city of Split, and its cultural heritage combined with nautical its importance has made Trogir one a deservedly well visited destination.